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One-Way Linking

One>Way Linking
We all know One-Way linking is important to help improve your rankings in search engines like Google and others who have adopted their way of determining relevancy.

Well... we offer One-Way link placement on, but the difference is this site is specific and dedicated to one area of the web, Online Shopping Stores.

Our History has been an online shopping search directory since 1999 - the only one that exclusively indexes online stores which are hand picked from our submissions and properly categorized.

Site Relevancy
Having a link from another site is as only good to your positioning as the other site's importance to your content. If you sell Shoes and the site linking to you is about dog rescuing, then you will not have gained much from that... being that it is unrelated to your subject.

Search engines also look at how established the site is to determine if the link to a site is simply a cheap ploy to get a better ranking (such as if the site just went live last week) or is coming from a valued long-standing entity utilized by thousands. For example, Since 1999 we have been indexed in all major search engines and are Grand Fathered in all the pay-per-inclusion sites (before they went that route) and our content has always been specific to linking to online stores. We are uniquely placed in these engines as well so to maximize our placement and hits to the site, such as our directories being named exactly what category it represents... like: and

Also, though it isn't as much as a factor as it used to be, our pages are not generated "on-the-fly", they are hard-coded HTML files with that extention, not some obscure PHP, ASP, or Cold Fusion script with IDs and variables appended miles long after the web address, meaning where you see the links - are the exact pages they are saved in.

Gaining More Traffic
It is true that we already offer free links from our site, as we are a directory, however there are two factors:
One - our submissions primarily come from robots and SEO software that blindly submit to our directory. We turn all sites down that do not have an online store. So few of thousands of submission requests we receive per day ever make it through.

Two - we track our listings by linking to our own script that first counts each click, which is then published back on our site to determine popularity and the visitor is then re-directed to the online store... meaning that the physical online store's web address is not published and ultimatly what search engines index is our own URL.

With the One-Way linking option on our site, we are offering to place your link in a specified category, on top of the free listings, and will have a link to your physical web address in lieu of our counting/redirect script. Top Placement is on first-come/first serve right now in terms of the order in which the One-Way links will be listed. You will receive placement with a Link title and up to 25 word description of your choosing.

Features and Benefits:
  • Top Placement in specific categories with a Physical Link
  • Only dedicated Online Shopping Search Directory
  • Relevant listings because they are hand picked and hand entered
  • Long established in many search engines and directories
  • Online since Nov 1999 (see: Internet Archive for proof)
Statistics and Demographics:
  • For Jan 2008: 9,639 actual human page views through-out the directory
  • For All of 2007: 79,757 actual human page views through-out the directory (this number does not include the other 276,576 page views to our submission form or other directory views from robots.)
  • Most Popular Categories in order: Home and Garden, Business and Office, Shoes and Accessories, Shopping Malls and Gifts, Clothing and Accessories/Women
  • Peak Hours: 10am to 11am PST and 3pm PST to 7pm PST
  • Top Countries: USA with 94% traffic, Australia with 3% Traffic, European country with 2%, and Canada with 1%
Monthly Subscription Fee for top placement - per category:
ONLY $7.50 per month

See example listing in Pets and Accessories

NOTE: If you do not own an Online Store and do not submit an Online Store to be linked, you will not be added to the site. Please do not waste your time. This is for online merchants that sell valid goods only! If you are not an Online Merchant and still submit to be included, your subscription will be promptly canceled and the first month payment will be kept as a processing fee.

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